Genus Oberonia section Diurium

Genus Oberonia section Diurium

Genus Oberonia Lindl. section Diurium Schltr., Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 1 (1911) 175. Type species: Oberonia diura Schltr.

Stems very short to much elongated. Leaf blades not articulated with the sheaths. Flowers protruding at a right angle from the rhachis, flower axis straight. Sepals, petals and lip protrude at right angles from the flower axis. Lip tongue-shaped, with with short basal auricles, narrowed towards the front and ending in two tails or two narrow pointed teeth.
(After Schlechter, 1912)

New Guinea (Indonesia and PAPUA new Guinea), endemic

Epiphytes in trees overhanging brooks, usually in groups.

In Oberonia section Diurium the sepals are always wider than in section Platystrepus.

Genus Oberonia section Diurium in New Guinea contains 3 species

Oberonia cuneata
Oberonia diura
Oberonia x hybrida

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Genus Oberonia section Diurium

Oberonia cuneata J.J.Sm., flowers, various views, photo E.F. de Vogel, Leiden cult. 20031728