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Genus Eria section Eria

Genus Eria section Eria

Eria Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. (1825) t. 904

Genus Eria


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Podochileae
  • Subtribe Eriinae
  • Genus Eria

Formerly Genus Eria Section Eria

Eria in the broad sense was a conglomerate of several genera which were recently established, based on DNA studies by Yan Peng Ng and others, mainly along the lines of the earlier recognised sections.

The following 8 genera of the Eria complex have representatives in New Guinea:


1a Pseudobulbs consisting of one internode. Leaves convolute, plicate ... Eria
1b Plant without pseudobulbs, or pseudobulbs consisting of more than one internode. Leaves conduplicate, not plicate ... 2

2a Stems not swollen into pseudobulbs, more or less leafy throughout their length ... 3
2b Stems swollen into pseudobulbs, leafy in the apical part ... 6

3a Leaves laterally flattened ... Pinalia (p.p.)
3b Leaves dorso-ventrally flattened ... 4

4a Inflorescences (sub)terminal, many-flowered, with inconspicuous floral bracts ... 5
4b Inflorescences lateral, few-flowered, with large floral bracts ... Cylindrolobus

5a Inflorescences fascicled from the upper leaf axil. Lip with mealy callosities ... Mycaranthes
5b Inflorescences not fascicled. Callosities on the lip, if any, not mealy ... Pinalia (p.p.)

6a Pseudobulbs covered with large, patent, coriaceous sheaths. Lip entire, withour keels or calli, shorter than the column ... Aeridostachya
6b Pseudobulbs covered with membranous, closely appressed sheaths. Lip entire or lobed, with or without calli or keels, as long as or longer than the column ... 7

7a Lip without keels, 3-lobed, with a large midlobe and very small lateral lobes at the base ... Urostachya (doubtful that it occurs in New Guinea)
7b Lip, if 3-lobed, with keels and lateral lobed not basal, or lip entire ... 8

8a Pseudobulbs narrowly conical, tapering towards the apex. Inflorescence very short; flowers fleshy ... Strongyleria
8b Pseudobulbs cylindrical to clavate. Inflorescence short to elongated; flowers thin-textured ... Hymeneria

Genus Eria in New Guinea contains 9 species and 2 varieties:

Eria geboana
Eria imbricata
Eria imitans
Eria imperatifolia
Eria javanica
Eria kaniensis
Eria kaniensis var. constricta
Eria micholitzii
Eria ramuana
Eria ramuana var. wariana
Eria sabasaroe

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Genus Eria section Eria

Eria ramuana Schltr., flower, photo E.F. de Vogel. Kokoda valley.