Genus Liparis section Pleiophyllum

Genus Liparis section Pleiophyllum

Liparis section Pleiophyllum Schltr., Repert. Sp. Nov. Regni Veg., Beih. 1 (1911) 186.


  • Liparis section Menoneuron van Royen, Alp. Fl. New Guinea 2 (1979) 693, nom. illeg. Type species: Liparis imperatifolia Schltr.

Terrestrial, rarely epiphytic herbs. Rhizome creeping, terete. Roots terete, emerging from under the base of pseudobulbs, pubescent. Pseudobulbs short, subcylindric to conical, 3-5-leaved, covered by leaf bases. Leaves grass-like, linear to linear-ligulate, thin; blade with 2 or 3 prominent nerves below. Inflorescence terminal, racemose, few- to many flowered. Flowers resupinate. Sepals ovate to ligulate, similar. Petals linear. Labellum from shortly clawed at base expanding into the lamina; callus basal, the lower dorsal part connate to the column. Column straight to gently arcuate, variously winged.
(After Ormerod 2008)

Malesia (Indonesia, Papua Province and Papua New Guinea, endemic).

Terrestrials on humus rich soil, mostly on gentle slopes under dense undergrowth. in montane -forest and lowland forest down to 450 m. Altitude 100-2800 m

  • Ormerod, P. 2008. A review of Liparis L.C.Rich. section Pleipophyllum Schltr. in Papua New Guinea. Orchadian 15 (2008) 562-569
  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Malaxideae
  • Genus Liparis
  • Section Pleiophyllum

Liparis section Pleiophyllum is a section of six or seven species confined to the island of New Guinea. The plants are primarily terrestrial and characterised by having short leafy pseudobulbs hidden by the bases of three to five grassy, non-articulate leaves.

Key to species of Liparis section Pleiophyllum

1a. Sepals 0.8-1.7cm long == 2
1b. Sepals 0.55-0.65 cm long == Liparis mapaniifolla

2a. Lip elliptic, suborbicular to transversely elliptic-hexagonal; column wings entire == 3
2b. Lip obcuneate-flabellate; Column wings with a retrorse medial tooth == L. graminifolia.

3a. Lip broader than long, transversely elliptic-reniform to hexagonal == 4
3b. Lip longer than wide to as long as wide, elliptic, suborbicular to subquadrate-broadly obovate == L. imperatifolia.
4a. Callus on lip subquadrate, retuse, prostrate == L. brassii.
4b. Callus on lip broadly elliptic, obtuse, erect == L. caricifolia.

Genus Liparis section Pleiophyllum in New Guinea contains 7 species

Liparis brassii
Liparis caricifolia
Liparis congesta
Liparis cymbidiifolia
Liparis cyperifolia
Liparis graminifolia
Liparis imperatifolia

Liparis cyperifolia is possibly a synonym of Liparis imperatifolia

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Genus Liparis section Pleiophyllum

Liparis graminifolia Ormerod, Drawing by Paul Ormerod in Orchadian 15 (2008) 563, fig., based on the type: L.J. Brass 10926.