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Genus Crepidium section Commelinoides

Genus Crepidium section Commelinoides

Genus Crepidium section Commelinoides (Schltr.) Szlach., Fragm. Florist. Geobot. Suppl. 3 (1995) 123


  • Microstylis (Nutt) Eaton sect. Commelinoides Pfitz., in Engl. & Prantl., Naturl. Pflanzenf. 2, 6 (1889) 130. Type species: Microstylis commeliniifolia Zoll. & Moritzi

Rhizome elongated, very similar to the stem, creeping, leafless, gradually passing in the laxly leaved shoot. Stem with laxly placed leaves. Lateral lobes of the lip on the apical margin denticulate or with teeth.

  • Schuiteman, A. & de Vogel, E.F. 2006. Flora Malesiana: Orchids of New Guinea Vol IV; Genera Kuhlhasseltia to Ophioglossella. (CD).
  • Ormerod, P. 2017. Checklist of Papuasian Orchids 140
  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Malaxideae
  • Genus Crepidium
  • Section Commelinodes

Genus Crepidium section Commelinodes contains about 60 species, in New Guinea 22 species:

Crepidium circeum
Crepidium decumbens
Crepidium fasciatum
Crepidium fissum
Crepidium foliosum
Crepidium gibbsiae
Crepidium lamii
Crepidium latilabre
Crepidium ledermannii
Crepidium micranthum
Crepidium nephroglossum
Crepidium paguroides
Crepidium pedicellaris
Crepidium perakensis
Crepidium productum
Crepidium protractum
Crepidium reineckeanum
Crepidium rhabdophyllum
Crepidium riparium
Crepidium sciaphilum
Crepidium stolleanum
Crepidium warapussae

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Genus Crepidium section Commelinoides

Crepidium decumbens (Schltr.) Szlach. Drawing N.H.S. Howcroft 301