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Genus Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis

Genus Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis

Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis

Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis


  • Ormerod,P. Checklist of Papuasian Orchids (2017) 141
  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Malaxideae
  • Genus Crepidium
  • Subgenus Pseudoliparis
  • Section Pseudoliparis

Subgenus Pseudoliparis in New Guinea contains 22 species:

Crepidium balabacensis
Crepidium breviscapum
Crepidium brachycaulos
Crepidium breviscapum
Crepidium curvatulum
Crepidium curviauriculatum
Crepidium cyanobrachium
Crepidium diploceras
Crepidium epiphyticum
Crepidium gregorii
Crepidium incurvum
Crepidium kortylewskianum
Crepidium laeve
Crepidium latipetalum
Crepidium maboroense
Crepidium macrotis
Crepidium micholitzianum
Crepidium microhybos
Crepidium rhinoceros
Crepidium schumannianum
Crepidium seleniglossum
Crepidium torricellense
Crepidium tubulosum
Crepidium umbonatum
Crepidium undulatum
Crepidium wappeanum

Key to the species of genus Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis

1a. Appendage(s) of column always half the length of the column or more == 2
1b. Appendage of gynostemium less than half the length of the column, near gynostemium base

2a. Staminodes elongate, higher than anther, with distal mar gins simple, transversely truncate == 3
2b. Staminodes abbreviated, at most as long as anther, with distal margins obliquely narrowed up to apices == 10

3a. Petals oblanceolate to spathulate, widest in upper half == 4
3b. Petals linear to lanceolate, widest in middle part or near base == 6

4a. Main nerve of petals with branches (usually 3 or 4); lip lamina with a characteristic binate, convex set of calli between lamellae == P. balabacensis
4b. Main nerve of petals always simple, without branches; lip lamina only with simple lamellae == 5

5a. Leaves linear-ligulate; petals spatulate; lip hastate == P. undulata
5b. Leaves elliptic; petals linear-ligulate; lip elliptic to obovate == P. umbonata

6a. All leaves broad, ovate; gynostemium appendage shortly cone-like == 7
6b. Older leaves ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-lanceolate; appendage elongate, elongate-cone-like to linear == 8

7a. Plant about 10 cm tall; lateral sepals ovate, acute at apex, cuneate at base == P. schumanniana
7b. Plant large 20—30 cm tall; lateral sepals oblong-ovate, obtuse at apex, slightly obcordate at base == P. macrotis

8a. Dorsal sepal simply narrowed from 1l3 of length to acute apex; lip widest above its base, with lamina nearly smooth, lamellae weakly visible == P. laevis
8b. Dorsal sepal arcuately narrowed from 1/4 of length to obtuse apex; lip widest below its base, with distinct and elongate lamellae == 9

9a. Leaves ca. elliptic; gynostemium appendage erect, perpendicular to column, abbreviated, thick, cone-like == P. curvatula
9b. Leaves ca. ovate; gynostemium appendage oblique rela tive to column, distinctly elongate, thin, with a strongly convex base == P. torricellensis

10a. Petals linear == 11
10b. Petals lanceolate to oblanceolate == 14

11a. Leaves oblong-ovate; entire gynostemium arcuately recurved, with a minute appendage; staminodes truncate at apices == P. incurva
11b. Leaves narrow, lanceolate or oblanceolate; gynostemium erect, with large appendage(s); staminodes recurved, obliquely truncate at apices == 12

12a. Lip lamina with simple lamellae; gynostemium append age distinctly truncate, flat at apex P. seleniglossa
12b. Lip lamina with other kind of ornamentation; gynostemium appendage(s) with an elongate apex == 13

13a. Sepals ovate; lip lamina with two, parallel, erect, triangular lamellae along main nerves; gynostemium append age with one elongate tip == P. epiphytica
13b. Sepals elliptic; lip lamina with lyriform lamellae at upper part; gynostemium appendages with two elongate tips == P. diploceras

14a. Petals oblanceolate, falcately curved; lip lamina not with simple, parallel lamellae == 15
14b. Petals asymmetrically lanceolate, erect; lip lamina with simple, parallel lamellae reaching to lamina apex == 17

15a. Petals obtuse; lip lamellae short, reaching to about half of lamina length; gynostemium appendage broadly flat tened at apex, bent backwards == P. kortylewskiana
15b. Petals attenuate, acute; lip lamina without lamellae, gynostemium appendage attenuate at apex 16

16a. Lip lamina with two small, clavate calli at upper part; auricles distinctly elongate, crossing over at apex; gynostemium appendage erect, large, attenuate, perpendicular to column == P. curviauriculata
16. Lip lamina slightly concave at middle strip; auricles medium-sized, erect, parallel; gynostemium appendage falcately bent backwards == P. gregorii

17a. Dorsal sepal oblong-elliptic; entire lip about elliptic to orbicular, top of lip nearly round == P. tubulosa
17b. Dorsal sepal ovate, rather long attenuate at apical part; entire lip ca. obovate, top of lip minutely apiculate == 18

18a. Dorsal sepal obtuse at apex; lip auricles abbreviated, shorter than lamina; gynostemium appendage elongate, strongly bent backwards == P. breviscapa
18b. Dorsal sepal acute; lip auricles elongate, longer than lamina; gynostemium appendage abbreviated, erect, cone-like == P. brachycaulos

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Genus Crepidium subgenus Pseudoliparis section Pseudoliparis

Crepidium rhinoceros (J.J.Sm.) Szlach. aff, flower, oblique front view, photo E.F. de Vogel, Leiden cult. 20031589