Family Orchidaceae Subfamily Epidendroideae Tribe Podochileae

Family Orchidaceae Subfamily Epidendroideae Tribe Podochileae

Podochileae Pfitzer, Entw Nat. Anordn. 0rch. (1887) 101. Type species: Podochilus Blume.


  • Thelaseae Pfitzer, Entw Nat. Anordn. 0rch. (1887) 104, as 'Thelasinae'. Type genus: Thelasis Blume.

Epiphytes, lithophytes, or sometimes terrestrials. Roots wiry; with root hairs. Rhizome creeping. Stems cane-like or pseudobulbs, well spaced or tufted, leafy throughout or leaves apical on the pseudobukb only; internodes 1 to many. Leaves 1 to many, conduplicate or rarely convolute, distichous or spirally arranged, leathery, sometimes laterally flattened and fleshy; leaf sheath articulated or not at the apex. lnflorescence axillary or terminal, sometimes from the rhizome, racemose, solitary or fasciculate, unbranched or rarely branched, rarely reduced to one or two flowers, glabrous to hairy, often the hairs stellate; floral bracts sometimes showy, glabrous or with indument. Flowers usually resupinate and not showy, with or without indument. Ovary terete to triangular in cross section. Median sepal free, rarely fused to the lateral sepals, spreading or not. Lateral sepals at the base oblique; mentum chin-like. Petals free, smaller than the sepals. Lip entire, 2- or 3-lobed, often concave; with or without callus; spur abbreviated or absent,. Column fleshy, usually not winged; column foot usually prominent, or absent; anther incumbent; stigma entire; pollinia eight or rarely six, four or two, equal or unequal in size, ovoid, clavate-ovoid, clavate or narrowly clavate, with a common caudicle or with short caudicles, viscidia 1 or 2, or absent. Capsule sometimes globose.
(after Cribb & Ng 2005)

24 genera in India and Sri Lanka, mainland Southeast Asia to China, Taiwan, Malesia, the southwest Pacific islands, and Australia; 1 genus in tropical Africa (Stolzia). In New Guinea XX genera)

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  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Podochileae

Tribe Podochileae contains 2 subtribes and 28 genera, in New Guinea 2 subtribes and 14 genera:


1a. Pollinia bilaterally flattened, shortly pyriform or clavate, not attached to a common caudicle == Eriinae.
1b. Pollinia ovoid, with a common, often elongate caudicle == Thelasinae.

Subtribe Eriinae

Genus Aeridostachya
Genus Bambusifolia
Genus Cuneilabia
Genus Cylindrolobus
Genus Eria
Genus Hymeneria
Genus Pinalia
Genus Polyura
Genus Strongyleria
Genus Urostachya

(It is not certain that the genera Bambusifolia and Urostachya occur in New Guinea).

Subtribe Thelasinae


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