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Genus Oeceoclades

Genus Oeceoclades

Genus Oeceoclades


IN PREPARATION About XX species; in New Guinea 1 species.

Terrestrial in grasslands, also in open forests, often where seasonally dry.

  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Cymbidieae
  • Subtribe Eulophiinae
  • Genus Eulophia
  • Thomas, S.A. 1998. A preliminary checklist of the genus Eulophia. Lindleyana 13: 170-202.

Former Eulophia pulchra was demonstrated by Martos et al., Taxon 63 (2014) 9-23 to group with Oeceoclades rather than with Eulophia.

Genus Oeceoclades contains XX species, in New Guinea:

Oeceoclades pulchra

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Genus Oeceoclades

Eulophia pulchra (Thouars) Lindl., flower, lateral view, photo E.F. de Vogel, from Leiden cult. 20031877