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Current Genus: Genus Glomera

Glomera balbiensis

Glomera balbiensis

Glomera balbiensis Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2011) xxx, fig.

Type: Lae 78537 (Gideon et al.) (holo A; iso Canb., E. K, L, Lae, NSW, UPNG)

Epiphytic herb. Roots, rhizome and lower part of stem not present. Stem pendulous, , rigid, terete, the present fragment 6-branched, 20.5 by 0.15-0.22 cm thick; branchlets laxly 6-8 leaved, 10.8-31.8 by 0.10-0.15 cm thick; internodes covered by tightly tubular, obliquely truncate, smooth, 0.9-2.6 cm long sheaths. Leaves linear-lanceolate, thinly coriaceous, 5.0-10.1 by 0.40-0.55 cm; apex minutely obtuse. Inflorescence terminal, racemose, nodding, 1.0-1.1 cm long. Pedicel and ovary terete-fusiform, ribbed, 0.6 cm long; glabrous. Dorsal sepal elliptic, 0.48 by 0.22 cm; apex apiculate; 5 nerved. Lateral sepals broadly and obliquely ovate, with adjacent margins joined in basal half for c. 0.7 cm to form a synsepalum that encloses the spur, each 0.395 by 0.295 cm; apex apiculate; 5-nerved. Petals obovate-rhombic, 0.43 by 0.22 cm wide; apex obtuse; 3 nerved with lateral branches. Lip deeply saccate, adnate to column for c. 0.8 cm; sac ellipsoid, obtuse, dorsally c. 0.2 m long, in front c. 0.3 cm long; lamina projecting at c. right angle to the sac, transversely elliptic, c. 0.25 by 0.12-0.185 cm; apex obtuse; nerved, midrib low carinate. Column c. 0.185 cm long, with 3 triangular teeth.
(after Ormerod, 2011)

Flower colour not recorded.

Lower montane forest. Altitude 1100 m.

Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Papua New Guinea, Bougainville Province; see map.

Cool growing epiphyte.


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Arethuseae
  • Subtribe Coelogyninae
  • Genus Glomera
  • Section Glomera
  • Species Glomera balbiensis

Agrostophyllum balbiensis derived its name from the collecting locality Mt. Balbi. This species resembles G. bambusiformis but the inflorescences are about half as wide (0.1-0.11 vs. 0.20-0.25 cm) and the appendage on the lip is shorter (0.12 vs. 0.2 cm).

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Glomera balbiensis

Glomera balbiensis Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2011) xxx, fig.