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Tainia serratiloba

Tainia serratiloba

Tainia serratiloba Ormerod, Austrobaileya 7 (2005) 202, fig. 11

Type: Brass 12308 (holo AMES), from Indonesia, Papua Prov., Idenburg River

Epiphytic [or terrestrial] herb. Roots few, elongate. Rhizome terete, internodes 8-11 mm long and 1-3 mm thick; rhizome sheaths tubular, clasping, obliquely truncate, c. 7 mm long. Pseudobulbs 3-4 cm apart, narrowly conical-cylindrical, unifoliate, fused(?) to rhizome for up to 7.5 mm, up to 1.25 cm long and 2 mm thick. Leaves ovate-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, acute, 13-nerved, 4.8-6.6 by 1.1-1.4 cm. Inflorescences 6.2-13 cm long; peduncles resembling pseudobulbs basally, 5.9-7.5 cm long and to 2 mm thick; peduncle-scales three, laxly spaced, tubular, obliquely truncate, acute, 8-15 mm long; rachis laxly 1-4-flowered, 2.1-5.5 cm long; floral bracts tubular, obliquely truncate, acute, 6.5-9.5 mm long. Flowers resupinate. Pedicel plus ovary narrowly clavate, 9-12.5 mm long. Median sepal ligulate-oblanceolate, acute, c. 1.55 by 0.35 cm; lateral sepals falcate, oblong-ligulate, acute, median nerve weakly carinate externally, c. 1 mm long and 0.28 cm wide. Petals oblong-ligulate, falcate, acute, c. 13 by 3.25 mm; lip 3-lobed, c. 0.75 by 0.6 cm, with three subcrispate-undulate keels each grooved on the upper edge; hypochile c. 4.5 mm long, with obliquely subquadrate, erose-lacerate lateral lobes c. 1 mm long and 2 mm wide; epichile subquadrate, minutely apiculate, c. 3 mm long and 4.5 mm wide. Column broadly winged, without anther c. 6.5 mm long, c. 3 mm wide laterally at apex, c. 1.2 mm wide laterally near base, lobe of column wings c. 0.9 mm wide; pollinia eight. Capsule c. 2.6 cm long and 0.65 cm thick with pedicel 1 cm long. (After Ormerod 2005)

Sepals brown with yellow tips, lip white.

Terrestrial in montane forest, also epiphytic in moss at the base of trees; 1750 to 2400 m.

Malesia (New Guinea).

Papua (Indonesia); Papua New Guinea. See map

distribution map

January, March, May, September.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Collabieae
  • Subtribe Not used
  • Genus Tainia
  • Species Tainia serratiloba

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Tainia serratiloba

overview picture

Tainia serratiloba

Tainia serratiloba Ormerod, habit, drawing Mutsuko Nakajima, based on Carr 16908

Tainia serratiloba

Tainia serratiloba Ormerod, floral analysis, drawing Mutsuko Nakajima, based on Carr 16908

Tainia serratiloba

Tainia serratiloba Ormerod. Drawing by Paul Ormerod in Austrobaileya 7 (2005) 202, fig. 11, based on Brass 12308 .