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Glomera manicata

Glomera manicata

Glomera manicata J.J.Sm., Bull. Dép. Agric. Indes Néerl. 39 (1910) 15

Type: Römer, von 1325; 1328 (holo BO)

Stems terete, straight, internodes 0.45 cm long 0.24 cm diam. Leaves patent or widely patent, sometimes recurved, narrowly oblong-ovate, unequally rounded-bilobed, at the base rounded, mid-rib grooved above, not prominent below, above on either side of the mid-rib convex, margin very minutely crenulate-crisped, fleshy, 1.4-2.3 cm long, 0.75-0.8 cm wide; sheaths tubular, surpassing the internodes, covered part smooth, exposed part strongly verrucose, apical margin recurved, fimbriate with subulate, widely patent, 0.2 cm long appendages. Inflorescence terminal, recurved, capitate, dense, many-flowered, surrounded by large, concave, verrucose sheaths, 1.1 cm long. Median sepal ovate-triangular, obtuse, mucronate, strongly concave, 3-nerved, 0.57 cm long, 0.35 cm wide. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate-triangular, mucronate, at the base connate, clasping the spur, with 3 distinct and 2 indistinct nerves, 0.56 cm long. Petals broadly subelliptic, obtuse, at the base somewhat wider, strongly concave, 3-nerved, about 0.5 cm long, 0.3 cm wide. Lip small, spurred, adnate to the base of the column, blade 0.23 cm long, including the spur 0.37 cm long; spur pointing downwards, obliquely elliptic-obovoid, rounded, in front straight, large; blade minute, porrect, saddle-shaped, fleshy, at the base concave and somewhat thicker than the wall of the spur, strongly convex above with reflexed margins, papillose, when flattened transversely elliptic-weakly 5-angled, 0.08 cm long. Column short, in basal half adnate to the lip, 0.18 cm long, auricles bidentate. Rostellum broad, broadly retuse. Ovary 6-grooved, glabrous.
(After Smith, 1911)

Note: One of the very few species in sect. Glomera with fimbriate margins to the leaf sheaths.

Flower white, tip of lip red.

Terrestrial in upper montane forest in exposed positions. Altitude 2577-3600 m.

Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Papua (Indonesia); Papua New Guinea. See map

distribution in New Guinea

Cool growing terrestrial, keep in light position.

March, June, October, December.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Arethuseae
  • Subtribe Coelogyninae
  • Genus Glomera
  • Section Glomera
  • Species Glomera manicata
  • Smith, J.J., Nova Guinea 8, 3 (1911) 536, t. 81B
  • Smith, J.J., Nova Guinea 12, 3 (1915) 244
  • Smith, J.J., Nova Guinea 14, 3 (1929) 375
  • Royen, P. van, Alp. Fl. New Guinea 2 (1979) 507, fig. 175

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Glomera manicata

Glomera manicata J.J.Sm., drawing Pieter van Royen, in P.Royen, Alp. Fl. New Guinea 2 (1979) 517, fig. 179. based on Pullen 5313

Glomera manicata

Glomera manicata J.J.Sm., drawing Natadipoera, from von Römer 1325

Glomera manicata

Glomera manicata J.J.Sm., drawing J.J. Smith, from von Römer 1325