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Hippeophyllum hamadryas

Hippeophyllum hamadryas

Hippeophyllum hamadryas (Ridl.) Schltr. in K.Schum. & Lauterb., Nachtr. Fl. Deutsch. Schutzgeb. Südsee (1905) 108


  • Oberonia hamadryas Ridl., J. Bot. 24 (1886) 322
    - Type: Forbes s.n. (South Cape) (holo BM)

Basionym: Oberonia hamadryas

Rhizome long creeping. Stems c. 2.5 cm apart. Leaves laterally compressed, ensiform, falcate, recurved, 5 by 0.63 cm. Inflorescence racemose, 10-12.5 cm long, glabrous, peduncle very short, not angular, rachis elongated, rather laxly many-flowered. Floral bracts lanceolate, slightly longer than the ovary, apex acute, convolute, margins entire. Flowers patent, glabrous. Sepals and petals lanceolate, lorate, reflexed, apex obtuse. Lip 3-lobed; lateral lobes erect, short, obtuse; mid-lobe cordate-triangular, acute. Column straight, semiterete. Anther oblong-ovate, obtuse. (After Ridley, 1886, as Oberonia hamadryas Ridl.).

Sepals and petals white, lip and column orange.

Not recorded, probably epiphyte in lowland forest.

Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Papua New Guinea.

Warm growing epiphyte.

Not known.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Malaxideae
  • Genus Hippeophyllum
  • Species Hippeophyllum hamadryas
  • O'Byrne, P., Lowland Orchid. Papua New Guinea (1994) 16, fig.

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Hippeophyllum hamadryas

Hippeophyllum hamadryas (Ridl.) Schltr., drawing P. O'Byrne

Hippeophyllum hamadryas

Hippeophyllum hamadryas (Ridl.) Schltr., drawing P. O'Byrne