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Styloglossum stella

Styloglossum stella

Styloglossum stella (P.J.Cribb) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb, Bull. Natl. Mus. Nat. Sci., Tokyo, B. 40 (2014) 151.

Type: Kalkman & Tissing 4067 (holo L).


  • Calanthe stella P.J. Cribb , Malesian Orchid Journal 4 (2009): 13, fig. 9.

Terrestrial herb 50—75 cm tall with clustered growths on a very short rhizome. Leaves suberect, narrowly lanceolate, 2—3, 40—75 by 2.5—2.8 cm; base tapering into an up to 15 cm long petiole; apex acuminate. Inflorescence laxly to subdensely many- flowered; peduncle 15—23 cm long, glabrous; rachis 7—12 cm long, glabrous; floral bracts deciduous, not present on specimens examined. Flowers small, glabrous. Pedicel with-ovary 1.4—1.6 cm long. Median sepal somewhat erect, oblong-elliptic, 1.4 by 0.5—0.6 cm; apex acute. Lateral sepals 1.2—1.4 by 0.6 cm, oblong-elliptic; apex apiculate, spreading. Petals spreading, obovate to oblong-elliptic 1.1—1.3 by 0.8 cm; apex apiculate. Lip porrect to slightly deflexed, 3-lobed 0.7 by 0.4 cm; lateral lobes 0.1 cm long, auriculate, rounded at tip; midlobe obovate-spatulate, 0.3 by 0.2 cm; callus absent; apex slightly emarginate or obtuse; spur 1—1.2 cm long, straight, clavate. Column 0.5 cm long, broader than long.
(after P.J. Cribb, 2009)

Leaves green. Flower yellow with an orange-yellow lip.

Montane secondary forest, on ridge top. Altitude 1200—1300 m.

New Guinea (endemic).

Papua (Indonesia): Jaya Wijaya Regency; see map

Intermediate growing epiphyte.


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Undetermined
  • Subtribe Collabiinae
  • Genus Styloglossum
  • Species Styloglossum stella

Calanthe stella is distinguished from other yellow-flowered species from New Guinea by the large flowers with sepals and petals 1.1—1.4 cm long, a 1.2 cm long spur and a trilobed lip with two raised obliquely lunate flap-like calli at the base.

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Styloglossum stella

Styloglossum stella (P.J.Cribb) T.Yukawa & P.J.Cribb (as Calanthe stella P.J. Cribb), drawing by Juliet Beentje from the holotype: Kalkman & Tissing 4067 in Malesian Orchid Journal 4 (2009): 13, fig. 9.