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Calanthe beleensis

Calanthe beleensis

Calanthe beleensis Ormerod & P.J.Cribb, Malesian Orchid Journal 8 (2011)43, fig. 1.

Type: Brass 11322 (holo AMES).

Terrestrial herb 35—80 cm tall. Leaves suberect, lanceolate, 3—4; basal ones reduced to sharp slender sheaths; upper 2—3 up to 60 by 2.5—3.2 cm, with acuminate apex; petiole 14—30 cm long, slender. Inflorescence densely many-flowered; peduncle up to 70 cm long, densely pubescent, bearing two small spreading to suberect, sheathing acuminate sterile scales; rachis 6—11 cm long, densely pubescent. Floral bracts narrowly lanceolate, 0.5—0.9 by 0.1—0.2 cm, densely pubescent; apex acuminate, densely pubescent. Flowers resupinate, sepals and petals reflexed. Pedicel-with ovary 0.6—0.7 cm long. Median sepal cucullate, narrowly elliptic, 0.6—0.65 by 0.2—0.25 cm; apex acute. Lateral sepals reflexed, slightly obliquely oblong-elliptic 0.6—0.65 by 0.2—0.25 cm; apex acute. Petals reflexed, obliquely narrowly oblong-elliptic 0.5—0.6 by 0.12—0.18 cm; apex acute. Lip slightly deflexed, 3-lobed 0.5—0.6 by 0.5—0.9 cm; lateral lobes spreading to slightly reflexed, oblong, 0.28—0.4 by 0.1—0.15 cm, with rounded apex; midlobe oblong to narrowly obtriangular, with deeply emarginate apex; callus consisting of three tapering rows of warts; spur clavate, more or less straight and rising above the ovary, 0.6—0.9 cm long. Column dilated abruptly from a narrower base ,0.3 cm long.
(after Cribb, Ormerod & Dudley 2011)

Leaves dark green. Flowers white, turning yellow with age.

Terrestrial in montane forest undergrowth. Altitude 2200—2300 m.

New Guinea (endemic).

Papua (Indonesia): Jaya Wijaya Regency; see map

Cold growing epiphyte.


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Undetermined
  • Subtribe Collabiinae
  • Genus Calanthe
  • Section Calanthe CHECK
  • Species Calanthe

Calanthe beleensis is closely allied to C. micrantha Schltr. It differs in having much narrower lanceolate leaves and a slightly larger flower with the midlobe of the lip having an oblong claw and oblong rounded lobules and a trilobed verrucose callus which is basally pubescent. It is also similar to C. seranica J.J. Sm. from Seram, but it has much longer unspotted leaves and differently coloured white, rather than greenish white flowers and a distinct callus with larger and kidney-shaped lateral warts.

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Calanthe beleensis

Calanthe beleensis Ormerod & P.J.Cribb &, Malesian Orchid Journal 8 (2011)43, fig. 1. Drawn by Juliet Beentje, from type: Brass 11322