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Agrostophyllum alticola

Agrostophyllum alticola

Agrostophyllum alticola Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2012) 178, fig.

Type: M. Mendum & G. Argent 92830 (holo E).

Terrestrial herb. Rhizome and roots not seen. Stems at base terete, higher up slightly compressed, laxly 8-10-leaved, 14-22 by c. 0.15 cm at the base, 0.2-0.3 cm wide across upper leaf sheaths. Leaves erect, linear, 4.8-7.7 by 0.35-0.4 cm; apex inequally to equally bidentate with a short deltate mucro, longer tip 0.17-0.21 cm long, shorter tips 0.02-0.1 cm long; leaf sheaths exposed part c. 3 cm long; stipules subulate, acute, 0.12- 0.2 cm long. Inflorescences terminal, enclosed by a few sheaths, flowering in succession with one flower, to 2.2 by 0.3-0.8 cm. Pedicel and ovary triquetrous, 1.1 cm long; upper half with applanate wings. Median sepal broadly oblong­lanceolate 0.89-0.95 by 0.35-0.39 cm; apex acute; slightly carinate; 5-nerved. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate­lanceolate, , from the base1.12 by 0.4-0.43 cm (1.02-1.09 cm long from the middle). apex acute; slightly carinate; 5-nerved. Petals oblong-ligulate, 0.885-0.89 by 0.25- 0.275 cm; apex acute; 3-4-nerved. Lip 3-lobed, 0.95-0.975 cm long; hypochile with rotundate-truncate sidelobes, c. 0.3 by 0.275 cm; ligula subquadrate, raising 0.1 cm above sidelobes, densely papillose-pubescent, with apex widely and shortly bidentate; epichile suborbicular, trilobulate, 0.65-0.675 by 0.75 cm; base with 2 thick oblong keels; midlobule transversely semielliptic, c. 0.2-0.23 by 0.5 cm. Column stout, obliquely erect, 0.475 cm long (excluding anther cap).
(after Ormerod 2012)

Leaf sheaths only sometimes with black margin. Flowers white, lip with a yellow spot near base.

Terrestrial along track in forest. Altitude 3100 m a.s.l..

Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Indonesia, Papua Prov., Jayawijaya Regency.

Cool growing terrestrial


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Undetermined
  • Subtribe Agrostophyllinae
  • Genus Agrostophyllum
  • Section Agrostophyllum
  • Species Agrostophyllum alticola

Agrostophyllum alticola resembles A. militare Ormerod but is distinct in the larger flowers (sepals 0.89-1.12 cm versus 0.58-0.7 cm long), the median lobule of the lip which is twice as wide (0.5 versus 0.2- 0.23 cm) and the stouter, obliquely erect column.

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Agrostophyllum alticola

Agrostophyllum alticola Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2012) 179, fig.