Agrostophyllum arabukanum

Agrostophyllum arabukanum

Agrostophyllum arabukanum Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2013) 376, fig.

Type: RBG Edinburgh cult. 680963 (holo E).

Epiphytic (?) herb. Rhizome and roots not seen. Stems caespitose, rather laxly foliose, 42.3 by 0.2-0.42 cm across the sheaths; at the base subterete, higher up weakly to moderately compressed. Leaves linear-ligulate, 2.6-4.9 by 0.21-0.3 cm; leaf sheaths open to near apex of next sheath, 0.2-0.5 cm long; stipules lanceolate, with acute apex; apex equally to unequally bicuspidate, tips 0.1-0.35 cm long. Inflorescence terminal, c. 1 by 0.4 cm, composed of several bracts and sheaths, probably flowering in succession, producing two flowers at a time on old stems. Pedicel and ovary clavate-subterete, 0.7 cm long; apex with 2 small, ventral, downward-pointing, deltate to lanceolate winglets with acute apex (rarely bidentate). Median sepal broadly oblong-lanceolate, 0.54 by 0.22 cm; weakly carinate in apical third; apex acute; 5-nerved. Lateral sepals obliquely elliptic, c. 0.63 by 0.3 cm;tip shortly carinate; apex subacuminate; 5-nerved. Petals obliquely ligulate-lanceolate, 0.49 by 0.15 cm; apex acute; 3-nerved. Lip 3-lobed, 0.69-0.6.95 cm long; hypochile shortly retrorse saccate, with thick keels, lateral lobes oblique, 0.3 by 0.15 cm; ligula subquadrate, bidentate,minutely papillose on lateral margins, raising 0.09 cm above the lateral lobes; epichile widely rhombic, weakly trilobulate, 0.39 by 0.68 cm, the midlobule widely and shortly triangular, 0.09 by 0.21 cm. Column obliquely erect to erect, 0.375 cm long (without anther cap).
(after Ormerod 2013)

Leaf sheaths with black margin. Flowers white with a yellow spot in centre of lip (epichile?), not scented.

Not recorded

Malesia (New Guinea), endemic.

Papua New Guinea (Morobe Prov.), see nap.

Not recorded.

September in cultivation in Edinburgh.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Undetermined
  • Subtribe Agrostophyllinae
  • Genus Agrostophyllum
  • Section Agrostophyllum
  • Species Agrostophyllum arabukanum

Agrostophyllum arabukanum is similar to A. kairoanum Ormerod but differs in the ovary having apical, ventral, downward-pointing, acute, deltate winglets (versus appressed, widely deltate or low triangular, obtuse), a lip with a bidentate ligula (not bicuspidate) and an erect column (versus not raised).

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Agrostophyllum arabukanum

Agrostophyllum arabukanum Ormerod, drawing by Paul Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2013) 376, fig., based on the holotype: Edinburgh cult. 680963.