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Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum

Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum

Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2013) 379, fig.

Type: P.J. Edwards et al. 4327 (holo A; iso BISH, BO, CANB, E, K x2, L, LAE, MAN).


  • Agrostophyllum uniflorum auct. non Schltr.: J.J.Wood, in Johns et al., Guide Alp. & Subalp. Fl. Mt. Jaya:538,2006.

Epiphytic herb. Roots terete, growing back along old stems, 0.075-0.14 cm thick. Stems erect, forming fascicles of 2-3 stems, sublaxly 8-12 (or more) leaved, 11-12 by 0.1-0.15 cm thick; at the base terete, higher up subterete. Leaves linear-lanceolate, 2.8-5.2 by 0.19-0.21 cm; leaf sheaths open to halfway down the internode, its stipules lanceolate, acute, 0.08-0.1 cm long; apex biaristate, tips 0.25-0.31 cm long, mucro subulate, 0.1 cm long. Inflorescence terminal,probably successively 1- flowered, c. 1 by 0.6 cm. Pedicel and ovary subterete, c. 1 cm long. Median sepal ovate-lanceolate, 0.79 by 0.34-0.35 cm; apical third weakly carinate; apex acute; 7-nerved. Lateral sepals obliquely oblong-elliptic, 0.92 by 0.35 cm; upper third modestly carinate; apex subacuminate; 5-nerved. Petals oblong-lanceolate, 0.72 by 0..22 cm; apex subacute; 4-5-nerved. Lip 3-lobed,ca. 0.9 cm long; hypochile retrorsely saccate, the sac conical, obtuse, its lateral lobes truncate, c. 0.275 by 0.275 cm, 0.2 cm high; ligula subquadrate, widely bidentate; epichile trilobulate,, c. 0.625 by 0.8 cm (not including 0.1 cm long apiculus), its midlobule transversely oblong, 0.18 by 0.4 cm. Column, c. 0.4 cm long (without anther cap).
(after Ormerod 2013)

Leaves glossy dark green above, subglossy olive-green below. Pedicel and ovary lime-green. Flowers pure white, tips of sepals very pale cream, base of lip (epichile?) bright yellow.

Epiphytic on Schefflera. Altitude 2600 m.

Malesia (New Guinea), endemic.

Indonesia (Papua Prov..Jayawijaya Regency). see map

Cool growing epiphyte.


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Undetermined
  • Subtribe Agrostophyllinae
  • Genus Agrostophyllum
  • Section Agrostophyllum
  • Species Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum

Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum is similar to A. alticola Ormerod but differs in the more slender stems (0.1 -0.15 versus 0.2-0.3 cm wide across the sheaths), narrower leaves (0.19-0.21versus 0.35-0.4 cm), shorter leaf sheath stipules(0.08-0.1 versus 0.12-0.2 cm), a more conical saccate portion of the hypochile (versus ellipsoid), a not raised column (versus obliquely erect),and a much more pronounced substigmatic appendage.

Agrostophyllum gahavisukae is also similar to A. alticola Ormerod, but differs in having longer leaf sheath stipules (0.5 versus 0.02-0.1 cm), a terete ovary (versus triquetrous), narrower petals (0.175 versus 0.25-0.275 cm), a more pronounced column base and a much larger, prominently exserted substigmatic appendage.

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Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum

Agrostophyllum montis-jayanum Ormerod, drawing by Paul Ormerod, Orchadian 17 (2013) 379, fig., based on the holotype: P.J. Edwards et al. 4327