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Goodyera cyclopensis

Goodyera cyclopensis

Goodyera cyclopensis Ormerod, Checkl. Papuasian Orch. (2017) 314, 492 (fig.).

Type: Van Royen & Sleumer 6359 (holo L).

Terrestrials, herbacous. Roots from the nodes. Rhizome creeping, terete, 2.7-3.5 cm long; internodes 0.7-1.5 cm long. Roots terete, pubescent. Stem semi-decumbent to erect, terete, laxly 2 leaved, 6-7.5 cm by 0.1-0.18 cm; internodes 2-2.2 cm long. Leaves obliquely lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, 2.5-3.1 by 0.7-1.1 cm; petiole and sheath 0.3-0.6 cm long; apex acute to subacuminate. Inflorescence terminal, glabrous, 6.2-12.1 cm long; peduncle 3.45-9.9 cm long; bracts 3, lax, sheathing, the lowest rather leaf-like, 1-1,4 by, 0.2 cm, the others 0.7-0.95 cm long; rachis 0.8-2.2 cm long; floral bracts ovate-lanceolate, 0.43-0.65 by 0.1-0.14 cm, with apex acute,1-nerved. Flowers up to 12, rather dense. Pedicel and ovary weakly fusiform, glabrous, 0.33 cm long. Median sepal oblong-elliptic; apex acute, 0.2 by 0.09-1 cm. Lateral sepals obliquely elliptic, 0.24 by 0.12-0.14 cm; apex obtuse. Petals obliquely oblanceolate, 0.21 by 0.075 cm; lower margin near the apex weakly dentate; apex subacute. Lip spurred, entire, c. 0.25 cm long; base united to ovary and column for 0.1 cm; spur ellipsoid, obtusely 2-lobed, c. 0.13 by 0.1 cm, exposed beyond the lateral sepals for c.0.05 cm, inside with club-shaped, fleshy glands; epichile broadly ovate, acute, deflexed, c. 0.12 cm long. Column 0.1 cm long.
(AfterOrmerod, 2017)

Leaves blackish-green, with white or pink to silvery pink nerves above, below green with blackish-green edges. Flowers white, spur yellow. Fruit pink.

Terrestrials in mixed forest and Nothofagus forest. 1570 m.

Malesia (New Guinea, endemic).

Indonesia (Papua Prov., Jayapura Regency). See map

Intermediate growing epiphyte.

July, September.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Orchidoideae
  • Tribe Cranichideae
  • Subtribe Goodyerinae
  • Genus Goodyera
  • Species Goodyera cyclopensis
  • Smith, J.J., Nova Guinea 8, 1 (1909) 45, t. 16, fig. 51

Additional collection:: Indonesia. Papua Prov., Jayapura Regency, Cyclops Mts, , van Royen & Sleumer 6428 (L, in fr.).

Goodyera cyclopensis differs from G. pusilla in the elliptic, obtuse, ecarinate lateral sepals (versus ovate. acute, apically carinate), the petals more narrowed in the basal half, and thicker glands more deeply in the spur (versus finer glands, up to the spur mouth).

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Goodyera cyclopensis

Goodyera cyclopensis Ormerod, drawing by Paul Ormerod, in Checkl. Papuasian Orch. (2017) 314, 492 (fig.).