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Podochilus klossii

Podochilus klossii

Podochilus klossii Ormerod, Checkl. Papuasian Orch. (2017) 394, 493 (fig.).

Type: Kloss s.n. (holo AMES; iso BM)


  • Podochilus appendiculatus auct. non J.J. Sm.: Ridl., Trans. Linn. Soc. s.2, Bot. 9 (1916) 206.

Roots terete, pubescent. Stems terete, subdensely many-leaved, 7-10 by 0.5. Leaves ligulate, to 0.9 by 0.13-0.15 cm; leaf sheaths tubular, truncate, exposed part c. 0.28 cm long; base of blade articulate, curved on to the stem; apex acute; 3-nerved. Inflorescences terminal, wiry, 0.6 cm long; peduncle 0.4 cm long; rachis 2-3-flowered, successively 1 at a time, 0.2 cm long; floral bracts ovate-lanceolate, to 0.5 cm long, with acute apex. Pedicel and ovary club-shaped, c. 0.18 cm long. Median sepal ovate, concave, 0.22 b y 0.17 cm; apex acute; 1-nerved. Lateral sepals obliquely ovate with an oblong basal extension, connate for 0.28-0.3 cm, adnate to the median sepal for c.0.08 cm, 0.31-0.33 (along upper margin) or 0.52 (along lower margin ) by 0.2 cm; apex acute; midnerve keeled throughout; mentum oblong-rectangular, 0.18 by 0.12 cm. Petals oblong-lanceolate from a shortly clawed base, 0.29 by 0.08-0.085 cm; apex acute; 1-nerved. Lip spathulate, 0.47 by 0.21 cm; base with 2 retrorse, subquadrate, acute processes; apex subacute; 5-nerved. Column with 2 rows of papillose processes below the stigma, c. 0.19 cm long; column foot at a right angle to the ovary, c. 0.26 cm long, the basal part 0.18 cm long, the apical part at right angle to basal part, 0.08 cm long.
(After Ormerod, 2017)

Flower colour not known.

Lower montane forest. Altitude 1675 m.

Malesia (New Guinea), endemic.

Indonesia (Papua Prov., Mimika Regency). See map

Intermediate growing epiphyte.


  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Podochileae
  • Subtribe Podochilinae
  • Genus Podochilus
  • Section Podochilus
  • Species Podochilus klossii

Podochilus klossii is according to Ormerod (2017) most similar to P. imitans, differing in the rectangular mentum, oblong-lanceolate petals (versus ovate-elliptic), the median sepal only shortly connate to the lateral sepals (versus halfway or more connate), and the spathulate lip (versus subpandurate).

Podochilus klossii differs from P. appendiculatus J.J. Sm. from the Moluccas, Ambon in the spathulate lip (versus oblong) and the two basal retrorse flaps (versus a single retrorse fleshy appendage).

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Podochilus klossii

Podochilus klossii Ormerod, drawing by Paul Ormerod, in Checkl. Papuasian Orch. (2017) 394, 493 (fig.).