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Bulbophyllum hortorum

Bulbophyllum hortorum

Bulbophyllum hortorum, J.J. Vermeulen , P. O'Byrne & A. Lamb. Bulbophyllum Borneo (2015) 57 , fig. 6-7

Type: Vienna Hort, OR 52/2001 (WU).


  • Bulbophyllum sp., Ong (2011) 5
  • Bulbophyllum stockeri auct. non J.J. Verm.: Ong, (2013) 154

Epiphytes, creeping. Roots scattered along the rhizome. Rhizome 0.45-0.6 cm diam., parts between the pseudobulbs 3.5-5.5 cm long; rhizome scale desintegrating, fibres long persistent, rather thick. Pseudobulbs ovoid to ellipsoid, 0.9-1.5 by 0.5--0.8 cm. Leaf 6.7-9 cm long; petiole 0.7-1 cm long; blade elliptic to ovate, 6-8 by 3.2-4.0 cm, apex 1.7-2.4; obtuse. Inflorescence erect to patent, c. 4 cm long, 1-flowered; peduncle c. 0.6 cm long, with c. 4 scale leaves, the longest c. 0.1 cm long; floral bracts tubular, c. 1.1 cm long; apex acute. Flowers not resupinate, opening wide; pedicel plus ovary c. 2 cm long. Median sepal free, recurved to spreading, ovate, c. 2 by 0.7 cm, index 2.8-2.9; apical part incurved or not; margins entire; apex shortly acuminate; glabrous; c. 7-nerved. Lateral sepals as the median sepal but c. spreading to reflexed, triangular, c. 2 by 1 cm, index c. 2; apex acute. Petals c. spreading, elliptic-ovate, c. 1.6 by 0.55 cm, index c. 2.9; margins entire; apex acute; glabrous, 5-7-nerved. Lip in tapical half slightly recurved, ovate, c. 0.65 by 0.45 cm, index 1.4-1.5 (without spreading); in lateral view the margins well-rounded above the base, entire; glabrous; upper side somewhat concave in the basal 2/3rd, towards the apex slightly convex; underside with a grooved ridge over most of its length; apex obtuse. Column including stelidia c. 0.6 cm long; stelidia porrect, deltoid, c. 0.08 cm long, with rounded apex; anther in front not drawn out; pollinia 4.
(after Vermeulen, O'Byrne & Lamb, 2015)

Leaves on underside somettimes suffused blackish-purple. Sepals and petals base colour dull white with rather fine, purple-red spots, which are towards the base somewhat coarser and aligned along the veins, sometimes pale green towards the apex; lateral sepals in addition along the lower margins, towards the base dull green or dull ochrish. Lip yellowish or ochrish crea or greenish, somewhat stained red. Column greenish or ochrish cream with purple-red markings

Epiphytes on tree trunks, often close to the ground, in somewhat stunted and rather open primary rainforest on ridge crest, locally common

New Guinea (Indonesia), endemic

Indonesia (Papua Barat Prov,) (mistakenly recorded from Borneo, based on a cultivated specimen)

Warm growing epiphyte


  • Schuitemanm A, & J.F. Wanma, New and noteworthy Orchid Species from the Arfak Mountains, West Papua Province, Indonesia. Malesian Orchid Journal 20 (2017) 77, fig. 6-7
  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Dendrobieae
  • Subtribe Bulbophyllinae
  • Genus Bulbophyllum
  • Section Sestochilos
  • Species Bulbophyllum hortorum

Bulbophyllum hortorum differs from B. stockeri J.J. Verm. (Papua New Guinea) in the shortly acuminate median sepal (versus broadly acute), the more stunted sepals and petals, and the much finer colour pattern on sepals and petals (distributed in lines versus almost solidly coloured in basal half and bold blotches towards the apex).

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Bulbophyllum hortorum

Bulbophyllum hortorum J.J.Verm., P.O'Byrne & A.L.Lamb, flower, photo André Schuiteman, from Arfak Mts., Schuiteman 2014-51

Bulbophyllum hortorum

Bulbophyllum hortorum, J.J. Verm., P. O'Byrne & A. Lamb, drawing Jaap Vermeulen, in Bulbophyllum Borneo (2015) 57 , fig. 67