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Cylindrolobus mucronatus

Cylindrolobus mucronatus

Cylindrolobus mucronatus (Lindl.) Rauschert, Feddes Repert. 94 (1983) 445

Type: Loddiges cult. (Cuming) s.n. (Singapore)


  • Eria mucronata Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. (1842) Misc. 25
  • Pinalia mucronata (Lindl.) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. (1891) 679
  • Trichotosia mucronata (Lindl.) Kraenzl. in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1911) 157
  • Eria elongata Blume, Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 2 (1856) 183
    - Type: Blume s.n. (Sumatra); (Borneo) (L?)
  • Pinalia elongata (Blume) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. (1891) 679
  • Trichotosia elongata (Blume) Kraenzl. in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1911) 150
  • Cylindrolobus elongatus (Ridl.) Rauschert, Feddes Repert. 94 (1983) 445
  • Eria pendula Ridl., J. Straits Branch Roy. Asiat. Soc. 39 (1903) 78
    - Type: Kelsall s.n. (Selangor, Kuala Lumpur Caves); Scortechini drawing (Perak); Borneo, Sarawak
  • Trichotosia pendula (Ridl.) Kraenzl. in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1911) 173
  • Eria rigida Blume, Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 2 (1856) 183
    - Type: Korthals s.n. (Kalimantan, Mt. Pamatton) (holo L)Trichotosia rigida (Blume) Kraenzl. in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1911) 160
  • Pinalia rigida (Blume) Kuntze, Rev. Gen. Pl. (1891) 679
  • Trichotosia rigida (Blume) Kraenzl. in Engl., Pflanzenr. IV. 50. II. B. 21 (1911) 160
  • Cylindrolobus rigidus (Blume) Brieger in Schltr., Orchideen, ed. 3, I/A (1981) 664

Rhizome creeping, short, thick, terete. Stems when dried 1.5 cm apart, elongated, terete, leafy, 75 cm long, internodes 1.5-2.5 cm long. Leaves patent, linear-lanceolate, apex strongly unequally narrowly obtuse, midrib when dried grooved above, prominent below, when dried rigidly coriaceous, 4-10 cm long, 0.75-1.2 cm wide; sheaths tubular, above in front torn open. Inflorescence arising from a pit of the leafy stem, very short, 1-flowered, rachis terete 1.2-1.3 cm long; bracts 5, widely patent or more or less recurved, oblong- to lanceolate-ovate, acute or narrowly obtuse, mostly convex, carnose, 0.7-1.1 cm long, 0.2-0.55 cm wide. Flower rather large. Median sepal oblong, apex incurved, obtuse, cucullate-concave, at the base 7-nerved, 1.9 cm long, 0.88 cm wide, Lateral sepals with column-foot mentum short wide rounded 0.7 cm long forming, obliquely ovate-triangular, apex strongly recurved, obtuse, in the basal part strongly concave, 9-nerved, 1.65 cm long, 1.1 cm wide. Petals incurved, obliquely oblong, towards the apex somewhat obliquely dilated, somewhat falcate, apex broadly obtuse, more or less emarginate, and flattened-concave, at the base 3-nerved, 1.63 cm long, at the apex 0.73 cm, in the middle 0.66 cm wide. Lip mobile, curved, concave, broad, 3-lobed, 3-nerved, when not flattened 0.78 cm long, when flattened transversely subelliptic-quadrangular, 0.87 cm long, 1.2 cm wide, median part between the lateral lobes thickened, laxly transversely rugulose up to the base of the mid-lobe, there on either side provided with a tooth, midrib vanishing towards the base, near the base of the mid-lobe terminating in an erect, narrowly subulate appendage; lateral lobes widely separated, erect, margin abruptly incurved, concave, apex free, very short, obtuse, crenate; mid-lobe recurved, short, broad, retuse, crenulate, in the middle with a concavity, in front of the concavity convex, when flattened 0.34 cm long, 0.88 cm wide. Column dorsally compressed, straight, dorsally convex, apex truncate, 0.7 cm long, 0.44 cm wide, clinandrium very small, concave. Anther cucullate, transversely ovate, apex broadly obtuse, minutely bilobulate, 0.23 cm wide. Pollinia 8, laterally compressed, obtriangular to obliquely obovate. Rostellum recurved, short, rounded. Stigma large, subquadrangular. Column-foot with making an obtuse angle with the column, making an acute angle with the ovary, oblong, straight, 0.48 cm long, apex somewhat incurved, truncate, concave, margin erose, below the apex with a rather large, transverse, patent, quadrangular, truncate, subretuse, verruculose, papillose appendage. Ovary with pedicel terete, 6-grooved,.1.4-1.8 cm long.
(After J.J. Smith, 1913, as Eria rigida Blume var. papuana J.J.Sm.)

Malesia (New Guinea)

Papua (Indonesia). See map

Warm growing epiphyte.

  • Family Orchidaceae
  • Subfamily Epidendroideae
  • Tribe Podochileae
  • Subtribe Eriinae
  • Genus Cylindrolobus
  • Species Cylindrolobus mucronatus
  • Smith, J.J., Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg, Suppl. 2 (1934) t. 54, fig. V, as Eria rigida Blume

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